Jennifer McIntosh is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, as well as a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation specialist. With over a decade of experience in diverse professional settings, Jennifer brings a strong solution-focused approach to her clients. At ClearHeart, her practice includes both Individual counseling and Couples therapy. Keenly identifying and disentangling unhelpful patterns that block your personal growth, happiness, and relationship success – are at the very core of her therapeutic process.


Therapeutic Approach

Jennifer integrates Mindfulness-based (MBSR) interventions with Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT) in her therapeutic approach to support you, to identify and disentangle patterns that block your personal happiness and relationship success. Jennifer considers the release of long-held trauma, or repetitive patterns of behavior, via Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) to be integral to lasting positive change. Often the issue that we are repetitively struggling with requires the release of the root influences, in order to fully move forward.


Jennifer’s approach to Relationship therapy integrates varied therapeutic traditions depending on the unique issues for each individual within the couple. Emotionally focused communication, ClearHeart model of communication tools for couples, and analysis/trauma release are Jennifer’s main therapeutic influences in her practice with couples. Whether it is learning new communication tools to improve conflict or identifying deeper issues for exploration, Jennifer’s approach is deeply committed to collaborative and compassionate growth.


Areas of Expertise

  • Relationship issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Emotional and Sexual Intimacy
  • Parenting, Co-parenting
  • Family Conflict Resolution – Mediation
  • Trauma Release (Emotional, Sexual, Physical, Medical)

Jennifer McIntosh, MA

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional

"Working with my counsellor allowed me to use self-compassion to get to the crux of the matter: we have inside of us the capacity to heal ourselves, and the process allowed me to do precisely that."

RK, Vancouver

"Elaine has several approaches to processing emotional blocks and traumas that allow her to respond to fluctuating needs. Her deep intuition and lovely sense of calm imbue our sessions with flow; even when the work is tough I leave feeling lightened. I respect her intellectual, theoretical grounding - and also her easy sense of humour!"

EG, Vancouver

"Elaine was recommended to me by a colleague, I would confidently recommend her as a counsellor."

CR, West Van