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Counselling for Self-Esteem

Counselling for self-esteem begins with the examination of what is self-esteem. Self-esteem refers to how we think about ourselves. In a sense, it is the combination of all of the ideas that run through our mind when examining ourselves and our abilities. When people discuss self-esteem, what they’re without a doubt referring to is the […]

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EMDR Treatment for PTSD

EMDR treatment for PTSD works by transforming your nervous system response to traumatic or triggering experiences. A trained therapist can direct you through the process of contemplating these experiences in brief doses while directing your eye movements. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a psychotherapy technique that is used to alleviate psychological stress. […]

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Relationship Abuse

Relationship abuse is an archetype of behaviour one of the partners uses to gain control and power over the other. It’s a choice to be abusive; substance abuse or other factors is not a free pass.

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How Does Grief Counselling Work?

In this post, we look at just how does grief counselling work. Losses are a part of life; they are inevitable. Everybody will eventually experience a loss - be it a job, a material possession, or a loved one. Using logic and reason we can agree that life goes on no matter what, but many […]

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Counselling For Despression

The first part of counselling for depression is to identify whether or not depression is what needs to be treated. A counsellor will examine your symptoms and look for key signals of an existing mood disorder. Depression mood disorders include Major Depression, Chronic Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Manic Depression and Clinical Depression. By discussing […]

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Is Anxiety Depression?

Is anxiety depression? Anxiety and depression do have a similar biological basis. Both affect neurotransmitter functions such as producing low serotonin levels and alter other brain chemicals like dopamine and epinephrine. Though there are biological similarities between these two different states of being, they tend to be consciously experienced differently. They can also be experienced […]

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Counsellor vs Therapist

Which one should you choose when deciding between counsellor vs therapist? Counselling is an umbrella term that covers both licensed clinicians with advanced degrees and those offering other forms of counselling. A therapist may also have advanced degrees but it is a term that covers a wider variety of therapy beyond counselling and includes physical forms of therapy as well. Therapists will also focus more on behaviour reform than other forms of counselling though a counsellor may also practice therapy.

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Does Marriage Counselling Work 

Often couples begin marriage counselling with the desire to have their side heard and to receive support for the wrongs that feel they are undergoing. Others are skeptical of the counselling process and wonder does marriage counselling work.

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How To Stop Self-Sabotage

Sometimes it is easier to recognize sabotaging behaviors in others than within ourselves. Self-awareness allows you to identify counter-productive behaviors that may be stopping you from reaching your goals or living life the way you would like. A good therapist can certainly help shed light on these types of behaviors and give tools to aid one in overcoming them. There are also steps you can take that will benefit you greatly in learning how to stop self-sabotage:

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What is CBT Treatment

Just what is CBT Treatment exactly? Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment is a problem solving, goal-focused psychotherapy treatment used in treating a variety of conditions.

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