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Conscious Relationship: counselling tip #1

Intimate relationships challenge us to grow, to become more self-aware. At points it may seem as though differences, rather than similarities, between you and your partner surface more readily. The loving connection is replaced with discontent and irritability. During these crucial junctions it’s important to first ask yourself – what do I need?

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Conscious Relationship: counselling tip #2

Couples sometimes misidentify the need for validation with the need to be agreed with. Validation is invaluable – we deeply crave to feel heard, valued, and cared for in our relationships. Especially when we are upset or confused, validation is the foundation of any meaningful communication.

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Commitment and Re-commitment

Commitment is often thought of as an event, rather than an ongoing process or practice. We make an overarching commitment such as living together, or getting married – yet there are many smaller commitments every day that determine the success of our relationship and personal happiness. Commitment is a process that evolves and changes over time – it’s more accurately thought of as a series of re-commitments, than as one big decision toward an outcome. Personally, I find this approach quite refreshing. If things go sideways in any area of my relationship, I look squarely at what happened and I re-commit to a new set of choices from where I am.

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