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Counselling for Self-Esteem

Published: April 1, 2020,  

Counselling for self-esteem begins with the examination of what is self-esteem.

Self-esteem refers to how we think about ourselves. In a sense, it is the combination of all of the ideas that run through our mind when examining ourselves and our abilities. When people discuss self-esteem, what they’re without a doubt referring to is the presence of self-confidence and the conception of self-worth.

Poor self-esteem on the other hand, many times has to do with excessive self-criticism, insecurities and self-doubt. Pervasive negativity directed towards oneself can result in anxiousness and depression.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is the most researched and proven method in being able to effectively aid the building of self-esteem.

Building Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can negatively affect each and every aspect of your life, including your relationships, your job and your health. However, self-esteem is a matter of self-perception and relative to our level of realization. Through the development of mind training and effectiveness, one can alter one’s self-perception.

There is an old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. The same can be said vice versa for unhealthy or negative perceptions. When we correct our vision, we alter our reality. Through the process of doing cognitive behavioural therapy one can change not only our thoughts but also greatly benefit the experiences in our lives whether they are painful and challenging or not.

Cognitive therapy does not rectify the problems or challenges we go through but benefits our ability to navigate through them. Self-esteem is the cornerstone of the construct of our lives but as life is a collective construction, our part in the development of our unique experience of it, is left to us to develop and devise.

Building self-esteem, enables our ability to achieve our desires and pursue our dreams. Esteem is empowerment and the firm conviction of not only our value but our opportunity. Without a healthy belief in our value or opportunity we may become hopeless and a passive participant in life itself. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Improving Self-Esteem

Cognitive-behavioural therapy is the modern-day remedy for many psychological problems. It is designed to be brief, problem-focused, and active.

Rather than focusing on early developmental history and relationships, cognitive behavioural therapy pursues the issues that are happening in the present. This type of therapy may include behavioural activation, assertiveness training and social skills training to name a few of the techniques possibly used.

Behavioral Activation, Assertiveness and Social Skills Training 

Behavioural activation reverses despondency and demonstrates in real-time the power of decisive action. Through the process of small actions, one can grow confidence and depend on the activity increase satisfaction and serotonin levels.  This confidence can help one to proactively re-engage with life and thereby have more beneficial experiences which in return develops even more self-esteem.

Assertiveness training teaches people how to take steps in controlling the directions of their lives. Oftentimes people with low self-esteem are afraid to ask for what they want or will not say no to situations they are uncomfortable with. Assertiveness coaching assists one in understanding what their healthy boundaries are and how to exert them.

A lack of healthy social opportunities can be another result of low self-esteem and be intertwined with social capabilities deficits. Social capabilities training helps to increase beneficial social behaviors and reduce ones that have unpleasant consequences such as complaining. With an increase of social capabilities, one can experience an increase in positive social interactions and thereby develop self-esteem.

Acceptance and Assistance

Unhealthy self-perceptions aren’t a life sentence. No matter what you have gone through, where you are at or what difficulties you face you can lead a happy life. By allowing yourself to acknowledge and accept circumstances but with the determination to be happy regardless, you empower yourself with good self-esteem.

If you aren’t able to always do this on your own, then getting assistance in doing so will enable you to live a happy life no matter where you started, where you’ve been or where you are at today.

Our counsellors are well trained in assisting clients in counselling for self-esteem growth and we welcome you to reach out to us and book a consultation.

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