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Comprehensive Therapy Services

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy relies on a dynamic mix of our histories, personalities, past and current patterns, and future goals. This dynamic mix requires specialized skills from your therapist. Rarely does one therapeutic approach fully address all issues, which is why we have a diverse skill set to serve you. Our focus is toward relationship solutions that work at Clearheart Counselling.

Providing new communication skills to locate core issues, and then addressing those issues for ongoing success is recommended. Therapeutic models that we draw upon include Emotion-focused therapy, Conscious Communication from the Hendricks Institute, Imago, to name a few.

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

EMDR therapy transforms your emotional response to traumatic experiences of the past. Working with a skilled therapist, the past event is focused on while directing a bi-lateral eye movement exercise. This process is highly researched and scientifically supported as the leading trauma based therapy.

The subconscious mind, where the emotional memory is stored, is activated to release the emotional storage of that event. The cognitive memory of the event remains intact, however the emotional response is released.

MBCT – Mindfulness-based Cognitive therapy

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is a psychotherapy that involves a combination of cognitive therapy, meditation, and the cultivation of observing thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness is a present-oriented, non-judgmental attitude that allows us to respond rather than react. When practicing mindfulness, we often feel more emotionally centered.

A primary assumption of cognitive therapy is that thoughts precede emotions. Negative self thoughts and emotions may lead to negative moods, such as depression. MBCT utilizes elements of cognitive therapy to help you recognize, reassess your patterns of negative thoughts, and replace them with positive thoughts. Challenging negative patterns of thought will allow you to recognize thoughts that reflect present reality.

CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral therapy is an evidence-based form of therapy that addresses the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. When thoughts and beliefs are challenged, often the feelings and the behaviours will change as a result.

Behavioral habits require an intentional interruption of the behavior, and a reframe of the thoughts associated. CBT has become essentially an umbrella-term, with many other modalities of therapy. CBT is often used in cooperation with other models of therapy.

DBT - Dialectical Behavioral therapy

Dialectical Behavioral therapy is a form of CBT that specifically challenges high social reactivity. Behaviors that impede relationships are also a focus of DBT. Dialectic is a way of looking at a behavior by observing what it is not. Deconstructing a behavior into many facets to address parts of the behaviour is key in DBT.

Understanding aspects of a behavior, rather than viewing it whole, allows more choice in reactivity. When we can reflect on the opposite of what we assume, new perspectives may surface. DBT is often used to interrupt self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.

Somatic Therapy

Soma means ‘of the body’. Somatic Experiencing therapy is based on the seminal work of Dr. Peter Levine, a leader in trauma research. Somatic therapy has evolved into more than trauma-based therapy. Somatic Based therapy is now thought of as the relationship between emotions and experiences within the body and breathe. Emotions are essentially energy, in motion, in the body. Most of us have learned how to manage, suppress, think, or rationalize emotions rather than accept and feel them. Somatic approaches are often coupled with other forms of therapy to re-integrate a whole-person experience of wellness.

Psychodynamic Analysis

Psychodynamic therapy focuses on the relationship between past events, usually childhood, and current issues. Insights gained through exploring the root or source of counterproductive patterns, beliefs, and behaviors can often lead to real and lasting changes. While most forms of short-term therapy (6-20 sessions) will focus on current conditions, psychodynamic approaches can be approached in segments over time.

Reflection and integration of insights gained through this approach may require time to integrate into current functioning, therefore pacing of sessions can be quite individualized.


This term is two-fold within the field of psychology: Psycho-Ed assessment of learning capacities, or in-session learning tools. Sometimes new concepts are introduced and taught in-session to deepen the experience.

Commonly within couples therapy communication tools/materials are introduced to have a shared meaning of terms between client and counsellor.

Any suggested reading or introduction of materials within the session is considered Psycho-educational.

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind to communicate directly with the sub-conscious mind.

As an adjunct with other methods of therapy, hypnosis may be beneficial to re-frame self-defeating behaviors in the sub-conscious mind.

Repetitive or compulsive habits are often the focus of this method of therapy.

Individual Counselling

Tired of feeling stuck. Ready to change? Wanting to find or keep the relationship that you desire? Willing to free yourself of self-defeating painful patterns? Afraid that events of the past cannot be healed or moved past?


Fees for services are as follows:

Individual counselling:
$150 + GST for 1 hour session.
$200 + GST for 90 minutes.
Couple’s counselling:
$170 + GST for 1 hour session.
$220 +GST for 90 minute session.

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