Overcome Past Traumatic Events with Trauma Therapy
in Vancouver

If you have experienced a traumatic event that is still affecting your relationships, career, or life in general, you may feel anxious, depressed, stressed or overwhelmed more often. At Clearheart Counselling Vancouver, we can help you deal with past issues and move forward in your life. Our professional therapists offer trauma therapy in Vancouver to unravel experiences of your past by re-processing your stories. It helps us make better sense of your condition and offer closure to the event that has caused a roadblock in your mind. You can connect with us for counselling services to live a life free from barriers.

Trauma Can Impact Your Life

Trauma occurs when you experience a threat to self which triggers stress and fear. When this response becomes frozen in time, you experience it even when the danger is no longer present. It can:
  • Hamper your feelings of safety in the world and with others
  • Result in intimacy issues
  • Damage self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, and trust
  • Pose difficulty in controlling emotions
This is where effective trauma therapy and counselling in Vancouver can help you in regaining control.

Trauma Therapy Can Help!

Trauma therapy is effective in dealing with trauma originating from:
  • Crime
  • Natural Disaster
  • Serious illness diagnosis
  • Accidents
  • Abusive relationships
  • Violence or threat of violence
  • The sudden death of someone close

    How It Helps

    Trauma therapy can help you overcome past
    events by:
    • Making logical sense of your experiences
    • Alleviating the psychological and physical symptoms of PTSD
    • Recovering from stress
    • Breaking the narrative, behaviours, and patterns
    • Regaining control of your life and well-being
    If you have PTSD or trauma-related symptoms and want to find inner peace, Clearheart Counselling Vancouver can help you with trauma therapy in Vancouver.

    Need Trauma Therapy in Vancouver?

    We will help you find closure to the events stopping you from living in the present.

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