Couples Counselling




Despite some of your best efforts, even with great intentions –
relationship challenges may feel overwhelming or defeating.

Relationship issues you may be facing:

  • Feeling lonely and disconnected in the relationship
  • Not feeling heard or understood by your partner
  • Blame and criticism
  • Anger, escalating arguments or feeling attacked
  • Jealousy and trust issues
  • Recycling same argument, without resolution
  • Lack of sexual desire or drive
  • Overall lack of affection and/or sexual attention
  • Infidelity
  • Betrayal and broken boundaries
  • Feeling abandoned
  • Control issues
  • Feeling like you’re falling out of love
  • Feeling emotionally trapped or stuck
  • Decision-making together – making and keeping agreements
  • Parenting, step-parenting or co-parenting
  • Post-partum adjustment or depression
  • Struggles with other family members, including ex-partners
  • Parental alienation
  • Can’t move on from the past

Counselling Can Help


Relationships are cultivated – requiring attention, and the skills to thrive.
Individual or Couples Counselling can help to identify the issue – the issue
is often fuelling the behaviours you are experiencing. Find understanding
and solutions that shift behaviours that are keeping you stuck or dissatisfied.

Counselling can help you to:

  • Communicate to be heard
  • Listen more accurately to what is really being said
  • Resolve conflict quickly
  • Understand your emotional triggers
  • Experience more harmony in your relationship
  • Stop blame and criticism
  • Discover what you both truly want
  • Feel more at ease in yourself and with your partner
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Create happier, healthier relationships in all areas of your life
  • Shift to seeing your partner as your ally, not your adversary
  • Set and reach goals
  • Understand your own thoughts and feelings better
  • Make and keep agreements confidently
  • Create connection and improve emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Reduce stress and improve your overall health
  • Learn practical tools and skills to aid your process
  • Discover and experience the relationship you deeply want
  • Grow personally, and as a couple
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